Who are WOW?

Waters of Wales (WoW) is a community of independent campaigners for legislation enshrining public rights of responsible access to inland water in Wales.

The Waters of Wales community includes a range of water-users including swimmers, walkers, birdwatchers, photographers and boaters. Community members may be individuals or members of groups and organisations of all kinds.

Waters of Wales - WoW stands for fair, shared sustainable open access to the Waters of Wales for all, free of unnecessary restrictions, whilst respecting the environment, wildlife and other people. We believe that recreational water users can successfully coexist, without conflict.

We decided to set up an independent community because we see a need for representation of the public who wish to enjoy recreation on the Waters of Wales, whether as individuals or members of clubs or organisations.

If you enjoy recreation in, on or beside the waters of Wales, and believe that our natural heritage should be shared by all, the 'Waters of Wales' community is for you!